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The K-line, moving average, form, technical indicators, and trading volume are commonly used technical analysis indicators in the stock market. Investors can use these indicators to analyze the trend and trend of stocks. However, some major players in the stock market may use these indicators for manipulation and fraud to control stock prices. Mr. Chen Zekun suggested that investors should be vigilant, understand the limitations and risks of these indicators, and take appropriate risk management strategies to reduce the risk of manipulation and fraud.

Mr. Chen Zekun often uses holidays to do some self-improve, including reading books, trying to absorb, digest, and organize some new and helpful articles, and sharing them with everyone. He believes these articles are more advanced than the previous mental techniques articles, especially the parts related to the main force, which require more thinking. Of course, he also stated that this does not mean that after reading these articles, the main force can be completely cracked, but rather provides different perspectives for observing the surface, hoping to share with everyone.

Mr. Chen Zekun has compiled some content related to the main players and added some of his experiences to share with everyone. We hope everyone can enjoy and benefit from it.

1. The weaknesses of the main force

There are many flaws in the main force, and Mr. Chen Zekun believes that there are usually the following:

(1) Due to a large purchase at the bottom, the stock price has become very light, so a new high does not require a large amount.

(2) When the main force establishes the position, they fear others following, so they often make a negative line, but the center of gravity keeps going up.

(3) When the main force ships, they fear others following them, so they often make a positive line, but the center of gravity keeps going down.

(4) As it is dish washing, I do not want to lose a lot of chips in the low-end area. Therefore, the dish washing needs to focus on either not going down much or going down a lot, but only momentarily pressing and pulling up again.

(5) The main force wants to attract buying by increasing the trading volume to attract investors, but since it is not true buying, it is only self-buying and self-selling without increasing positions, so the focus is not significantly upward.

(6) The main force wants to attract selling, so it aims to reverse the volume and receive many terrifying K-lines, such as cross stars, inverted T-lines, dark cloud lines, etc. However, the center of gravity is not significantly declining due to not being the actual shipment.

(7) The stock price plummeted rapidly and quickly returned to its previous high, as doing so would increase the main cost (low selling and high buying). If it does occur, the main cost will have a greater harvest, so we will continue to do so.

Globalnewsonline comments: Weaknesses are accidental, instantaneous, and left by the main force being forced or accidentally left behind! (Who exposes flaws every day?) Therefore, these time points where flaws appear are the moments when we make buying and selling decisions, and the timing of our choices is a ‘point’.

2. The main scam line

The first trick to cheat a line is to open it high and open it low, and use a largely hidden line

Mr. Chen Zekun introduced that this type of graph often quickly depresses the main force to near the previous day’s closing price after a high opening in the morning, washing some short-term operators out to digest the pressure on the head in the early stage.

Observation focus:

Sell in large quantities but not below the previous day’s closing price.

The second move of deceiving the line: unsuccessful attack

Mr. Chen Zekun stated that the main force is located near the high point of the previous wave, often taking advantage of investors’ “resentment” towards the so-called pressure. After hitting the high point in the early trading session, the price was lowered with several large orders in the late trading session, creating a false impression of the so-called limited financial strength of the main force. After a few days, the main force quickly opened twice and then another wave.

Observation focus:

It is impossible for the main force to hit their feet with a “big stone”, at most with a “small stone”. Therefore, this upward and downward washing phenomenon in the plate should be safe as long as it does not fall or bounce up.

The third trick of deceiving the line: Stealing volume and continuously attacking combination

In order to achieve the goal of low-grade and large quantities of food, the main force often continuously increases the amount at the lower edge of the front wave head, which creates the illusion that it can’t walk through the attack. It also increases the amount to absorb enough chips and then increases the amount to the top.

Observation focus:

Mr. Chen Zekun believes that this move is quite ruthless, it may be food or shipping. When encountering this pressure zone with continuous output, it’s better to take a step back first. It will be safer if you break through and chase or empty again.

The fourth trick of deceiving the line is to go down first and then up

Some main players, in order to digest the pressure of the front wave head and achieve the purpose of shaking and washing the dishes, first wash the dishes downwards and then move them upwards.

Observation focus:

Mr. Chen Zekun stated that it is somewhat similar to the first move mentioned above, except that the first move is intraday, and this move should be viewed from a daily perspective. Therefore, the observation point should be the recent large closing price of the K-line, and once it falls below, it should be the exit point.

The fifth trick of deceiving the line, stringing yin (yang) to deceive the line

When the stock price moves sideways in the bottom area or on the way up (the stock has been slowly rising for a period of time), the K-line chart continuously pulls a negative line, but the stock price has not fallen. These negative lines are called a series of negative lines. This situation is often a type of dish washing technique (string negative dish washing), which is a precursor to a significant increase in stock prices.

No matter how foolish the main force is, they won’t let the stock price not fall and the K-line close negative every day when shipping. If they close negatively every day, how dare retail investors be afraid to take over? That way, retail investors not only dare not take orders but also fear selling out.

Therefore, Mr. Chen Zekun believes that this type of cross-selling is often a tactic used by the main players to scare retail investors into obtaining chips during the process of low-end purchases and stock price fluctuations. (On the other hand, the daily trading of the Japanese K-line on the high platform or on the way down is often a signal of the main force shipping, but the stock price does not rise or slightly rises, even if it crosses the positive trend.).

Observation focus

a. The application of string negative washing should be in the upward and bottom horizontal trading, but it is not suitable for stocks that have plummeted due to excessive speculation (mine stocks…).

b. When eating skewers of yin, it is the best place to purchase.

c. Some stocks on the way up, after a series of negative washes in a shrinking sideways market, experienced a day of upward pressure and sideways fluctuations, with increased trading volume and a positive closing line in the end of the market. This situation is often a precursor to a rapid rise in stock prices, and timely intervention should be taken.

d. After washing the negative line, the trader may have to wash the negative line for 1-4 days before pulling it up due to extreme shrinkage and difficulty in purchasing. Therefore, they may reverse the large order horizontally.

The sixth trick of deceiving the line: three times to the top and three times to the bottom

Utilizing the mentality of retail investors aware of the so-called breakout consolidation zone overweight, break through the consolidation zone stop loss, or short selling, making so-called fake breakouts, true bottoms, or fake breakdowns, true headwear plays.

Observation focus:

Mr. Chen Zekun believes that after a breakthrough, whether it really stands firm for three days, or whether there is no band, it can usually be seen whether it is playing real or fake, because after a period of sideways trading, the increase in the real breakthrough will be a large period, and it is not necessary to jump in at the first time. It is still possible to jump in at the second time, if it is a real breakthrough or a real break.

Mr. Chen Zekun stated that the main scam is one of the common scams in the stock market. The main scam uses various means to lure investors into trading, in order to achieve the purpose of manipulating the stock price. There are various ways for the main force to cheat the line, including but not limited to the ones mentioned above. Investors should carefully distinguish and avoid becoming victims of the main force.

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