Hisense Named to Fortune China’s ESG Influential Listing 2023

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QINGDAO, China, May 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hisense, the consumer technology brand and a major international provider of home appliances, has once again been named to Fortune China’s ESG Influential Listing, for its excellent performance in the fields of technology research and development, manufacturing, and supply chain partnerships.

The companies selected in the list have made remarkable efforts to improve the environment, protect employees and support communities, and are exploring a path to sustainable and inclusive growth. With an increasingly significant focus on social responsibility (which forms part of China’s “dual carbon” strategy), Hisense also recognizes the importance of a global effort that goes beyond Asia to the benefit of all other countries across the globe. 

The Fortune China’s ESG List 2023 noted: “This year, Hisense was especially highlighted for its work that takes advantage of the ‘Solar photovoltaic, Energy storage, Direct current and Flexibility'(PEDF) building opportunity created by China to create and employ advanced self-developed technology for central air conditioning systems. This advancement changes the air conditioning system from a large power consumer to a transfer station of the distributed energy system. This solves the disadvantages of large power consumption and high carbon emission of traditional air conditioning, and realizes the technical innovation of the traditional air conditioning industry.”

“Additionally, Hisense has improved water use efficiency and the reduction of water pollution across various fields, such as plant site selection, technical transformation implementation, production and manufacturing and supply chain partner selection. At the same time, the company actively promotes the recycling of industrial wastewater nearby, optimizes the reuse rate of industrial wastewater in the factory and continuously reduces the consumption of new water.”

Aspiring to become the most reliable brand in the world with more than a century of brand heritage, Hisense is in continual pursuit of providing technological innovation to millions of families globally with high-quality products and bringing excellent experiences to people’s life.

About Hisense

Hisense is a leading global home appliance and consumer electronics brand. Hisense’s business covers multimedia products (with a focus on Smart TVs), home appliances, and IT intelligent information. Recently, Hisense has grown rapidly and is now operating in more than 160 countries.

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