2023 ‘Daka China Understanding the Chinese Path to Modernization–Hello, Henan!’ Online International Communication Event Takes Place

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BEIJING, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On May 9, the 2023 “Daka China Understanding the Chinese Path to Modernization—Hello, Henan!” Online International Communication Event for 2023 was launched in Shangqiu City. The event was jointly sponsored by the Information Office of Henan Provincial People’s Government, the Cyberspace Administration of Henan Province, and CRI Online of China Media Group, and organized by the Cyberspace Administration of Zhengzhou Municipality, the Cyberspace Administration of Kaifeng Municipality, and the Cyberspace Administration of Shangqiu Municipality as well as CRI Online Henan Branch.

The 2023 Daka China looks at a variety of topics, including the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, high-quality development, rural revitalization, and ecological conservation and development. During the event, foreign online influencers will be invited to Henan, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shaanxi, and other provinces to acquire first-hand knowledge on the Chinese path to modernization, and they will share vividly with the world their perspective on the content and extended meaning of the Chinese path to modernization, which can promote the interaction, exchanges, mutual trust, and cooperation between China and the world.

At the event, leaders of the Cyberspace Administration of Zhengzhou Municipality, the Cyberspace Administration of Kaifeng Municipality, and the Cyberspace Administration of Shangqiu Municipality released the planned visiting routes in these three cities and gave city introductions. To embark on their journey soon, these foreign internet influencers and multilingual hosts will visit the above three cities to enjoy the beautiful rural views and unravel the secrets behind the high-quality development of China’s rural revitalization. They will also visit various cultural tourism sites in Kaifeng, the ancient capital previously known as Dongjing during the Northern Song dynasty, to feel the lasting prosperity there. Moreover, they are scheduled to visit local characteristic enterprises to have a deeper understanding of the competitiveness of Chinese brands. The trip will show them Henan’s contributions to the Chinese path to modernization from various perspectives.


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