Gencurix announced Korean and Japanese cancer patients’ 15-year follow-up prognostic test clinical results

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SEOUL, South Korea, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gencurix announced clinical results of its prognostic test for breast cancer patients at the Global Breast Cancer Conference 2023. The study, ‘Long-term prognostic value of GenesWellBCT score in Asian women with hormone receptor-positive/HER2- early breast cancer,’ involved 366 Korean and Japanese patients and was conducted by Sagara Hospital and Asan Medical Center. GenesWellBCT test was used for breast cancer prognosis. The low-risk group showed significantly higher survival rates over 15 years after surgery than the high-risk group, demonstrating the clinical utility of GenesWellBCT.

Hormone receptor-positive/HER2- breast cancer, which accounts for majority of early breast cancer cases, has a relatively favorable prognosis compared to other cancer subtypes. However, there is still a risk of recurrence even after ten years from surgery. Accurately predicting the risk of recurrence is crucial for determining individual treatment plans for patients.

Traditional breast cancer prognosis tests provide prediction information for patient recurrence up to 10-years after surgery, but it is still unclear whether they can accurately predict recurrence beyond 10-years.

The study, conducted on the patients at Asan Medical Center and Sagara Hospital, evaluated long-term prognostic performance of GenesWellBCT. The results showed probability of metastasis to other organs for 15-years after surgery was 6.4% for low-risk group and 36.7% for high-risk group as determined by GenesWellBCT. Significant differences in survival rates between risk groups were confirmed in both Korean and Japanese patient groups.

In particular, when early recurrence within 5-years after surgery and late recurrence between 5 and 15-years after surgery were analyzed separately, GenesWellBCT was able to predict both types of recurrence significantly.

Moreover, this achievement is significant given existing western breast cancer diagnostic products have long struggled with accuracy issues for patients under 50-years old. GenesWellBCT has also shown to be effective regardless of age.

This groundbreaking research shows GenesWellBCT provides significant information on recurrence for up to 15-years, surpassing the 10-year predictions provided by existing tests. The study also highlights the significant differences between GenesWellBCT and others, which can only predict up to 10 years.

GenesWellBCT is the first breast cancer prognosis diagnostic test in Asia to receive national government approval. Unlike most Western diagnostic tests have conducted their clinical trials in western countries, GenesWell BCT has been verified through multiple clinical trials targeting Asian patients. Gencurix plans to enter into the Japanese market based on these positive results.[email protected] 

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