SKYWORTH and Abenson Heat up the 408 Global TV Festival

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MANILA, Philippines, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The annual “SKYWORTH 408 Global TV Festival” is set to kick off in the Philippines. SKYWORTH has announced a “EYE CARE STATEMENT”, promising to use the television manufacturer’s cutting-edge technology and quality products as a platform to promote care for children’s eye health, doing so in a spirit akin to a mother’s care. The company is committed to preserving the eyesight and future of children for countless families.

SKYWORTH will partner with Abenson, a well-known home appliance chain store in the Philippines, and with Abenson’s strong support:

SKYWORTH will display multiple outdoor advertising billboards around Abenson stores to ensure that the “EYE CARE STATEMENT” reaches more families;SKYWORTH will send mobile billboard trucks to tour these stores all over the Philippines in early May, with the goal of drawing an increased number of customers to the stores;SKYWORTH will set up eye check trunks at several Abenson stores to carry out public welfare activities, chiefly eye examinations. Anyone who participates in the eye examination will receive an eye chart provided by SKYWORTH.

What’s more. SKYWORTH will also cooperate with additional channels to communicate the EYE CARE STATEMENT. SKYWORTH will focus on promoting specific TV product models that feature eye care, such as SUE6800 and SUF6300.

SKYWORTH has always insisted on adhering to the principle of “customer first”, and therefore the “SKYWORTH 408 Global TV Festival” is sure to be a party for consumers. In fact, SKYWORTH plans to give its customers surprise prizes. From April 15, 2023 to June 30, 2023, customers who purchase a SKYWORTH EYE CARE TV through various channels will be entered to win an incredible grand prize – a free trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Grand prize winners will be drawn on July 10, 2023. First prize: Three lucky families will be awarded a luxury trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Second prize: Fifteen families will receive tickets to Enchanted Kingdom. Third prize: Twenty families will receive tickets to Manila Ocean Park, each family can have a maximum of four members to enjoy the prizes.

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