GoMining Celebrates Anniversary By Reshaping Infrastructure

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SINGAPORE, May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GoMining, a state-of-the-art bitcoin mining project, is celebrating its two-year anniversary by rebranding its infrastructure, reshaping its image and internal structure.

According to GoMining’s CEO, the primary objective is to underscore an increase in transparency. GoMining’s team (which has been in the blockchain business for more than 6 years) has launched a revamped version of its website and mobile app, offering more information on the team’s background, data centers, and products. The move towards greater openness sets them apart from other blockchain projects, which often fall short in providing adequate information about their operations. 

The first product, GoMining Token continues to offer two decentralized staking options, fixed and flexible. With fixed staking, tokens are frozen for 3 months at a stable APY with rewards in native tokens. With flexible staking, tokens are blocked at a variable rate and users receive daily BTC rewards.

The team’s efforts in the NFT domain did not end with the collaboration with undefeated MMA superstar Khabib Nurmagomedov. The company has other digital images backed by computing power that mine bitcoins. These NFTs completely eliminate the typical headaches associated with mining and offer two ways to earn rewards: solo mining and pool mining. 

GoMining (formerly GMT) underwent this process to create a more recognizable brand umbrella for its projects, with the name better reflecting the essence of its token and NFT products. Per CEO Mark Zalan, the team has created a brand that is scalable and adaptable. “By selecting a name that reflects our core values and vision, we believe that we can create a strong and recognizable brand that will continue to evolve and grow,” he adds.

The initial issue (100 million tokens) has risen nearly five-fold and is planned to reach 10 trillion. The company has paid out 1,610 BTC to its holders, issued 10,000 NFTs, and increased its overall hash power from 100,000 TH/s to 1,252,467.37 TH/s, with the project raising its market capital to $57 million

As per Zalan, GoMining has “a proven track record of providing top-notch services to our clients and we’ll continue to use our experience to build trust among our users.” GoMining intends to provide users with additional opportunities to manage their products and offer perks to experienced GoMining users, with the company also planning to use more Web3 technologies.

The new version of the website is available here.

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