Saudi astronauts’ Rocket launch to space set on 21st May 2023

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., May 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NASA has revealed the launch date of the mission of the Saudi astronauts: 21st May 2023. Hence, on this day, Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali AlQarni are to depart to the International Space Station in a human spaceflight.

The launch was set after they completed their training program. This launch is part of Saudi Arabia’s astronauts program, it aims at accomplishing the Saudi ambitions in Space research and achieving the goals of Vision 2030.

The Saudi Space Commission (SSC) has confirmed that this journey to space will last 12 days, liftoffs from the United States and more importantly, makes history. In effect, the astronauts will conduct 14 pioneering scientific experiments in microgravity that are set to help scientists and researchers devise new ways to provide suitable conditions for humans – including the work of artificial rain. The results of which will enhance the Saudi Arabia’s global position within the field of space exploration and service to humanity. It will also confirm the role of Saudi research centers in making a scientific impact in this field. The astronauts will also conduct three educational awareness experiments with 12,000 Saudi students via a live feed.

This mission once accomplished places Saudi Arabia as one of the few countries to have had two astronauts from the same nationality simultaneously on board the International Space Station. Its success will enhance its global position within the field of space exploration and service to humanity. It will place a cornerstone in the astronauts’ program which is designed to prepare future astronauts and engineers, through quality educational and training programs, participation in scientific experiments, international research and future space-related missions, achieving the goals of Vision 2030. 

The astronaut program plays an important role in the global community of space science research, and in the service of humanity and its future, just as it is confident that space research will impact the future of the industries and of the nation, inspiring a future generation of scientists and aspiring astronauts, and encouraging more young students to follow STEM careers.


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