Tai Yuen Commercial Centre Opens the Enormous New “Play Eat Tai Yuen” Pet-Friendly Garden

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Welcome to Tai Po’s ultimate pet-friendly destination

Tai Yuen Commercial Centre‘s 1/F podium has been revamped and transformed into a pet-friendly garden, with “Play Eat Tai Yuen Pawty” event featuring four surprise food-themed installations, including a 3.5-metre-tall giant doughnut.Delight in diverse pet-themed weekend events and savour pet-friendly dining for unforgettable moments with your furry friends.Discover an all-in-one destination for leisure, entertainment, shopping and dining. Enjoy exclusive limited-time offers and rewards as you shop and unwind.

HONG KONG, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Located in the heart of Tai Po, Link’s Tai Yuen Commercial Centre has undergone a huge transformation and is now a bustling hub for leisure, entertainment, dining and shopping. The mall’s 1/F podium has been revamped and transformed into a “Play Eat Tai Yuen” pet-friendly garden, where visitors can revel in a ultitude of activities. To mark this new addition, from now until 30 July, the “Play Eat Tai Yuen Pawty” event will feature four vibrant, colossal food installations that visitors can experience and photograph.

During the event, the mall will feature an array of pet-centric activities and will offer pet supplies and tenant’s coupons as giveaways. Link has partnered with multiple pet charities to establish pet supply recycling stations and facilitate pet adoption initiatives. Moreover, shoppers who spend above a designated amount at Tai Yuen Commercial Centre will be gifted an adorable and functional universal storage bag. Don’t miss this exceptional and thrilling opportunity, perfect for all pet lovers!

The 20,000 square-foot podium garden with four must-visit spots has been upgraded with pet-friendly facilities for a chillaxing experience

Tai Yuen Commercial Centre’s “Play Eat Tai Yuen” pet-friendly garden spans 20,000 square feet, and is easily accessible by car, with nearly 500 parking spaces available at the mall. The on-site Tai Yuen Fresh Market is also one of the primary fresh markets in the Tai Po area, providing a wide range of fresh ingredients and groceries. Additionally, Goldy Café, a French café established by a former five-star hotel chef, offers visitors a place to relax and unwind while shopping. Following a renovation, the podium garden has added several pet-friendly features, including automatic disinfectant dispensers and dedicated pet food bowl stations. The adjacent food establishments are also pet friendly, with Japanese restaurant TOYAMA, European-style restaurant Piglet Cafe and the incredibly popular hedgehog-themed Kuri Café all having semi-outdoor seating areas that welcome pets to dine with their owners.

The mall is currently hosting the “Play Eat Tai Yuen Pawty” limited-time event, featuring a variety of creative food-themed installations throughout the garden. One standout piece is the 3.5-metre-tall “Sweet Rainbow Doughnut”, which is accompanied by a miniature version designed specifically for pets and their owners to take fun photos together. Another highlight is the over seven-metre-wide “Banana Slide”, where visitors can take unique photos next to the highly realistic giant banana.

After enjoying these happy moments, don’t forget to capture memories at the “Mini Fruit and Vegetable Farm”, which is filled with fresh produce, and the colourful “Tai Yuen Sweet Treats Cart”. Visitors can enjoy a delightful and engaging experience by bringing their furry companions to the podium garden for recreation and relaxation, savouring meals at the mall’s various eateries, and exploring the fresh market and stores below for premium ingredients.

Experience a fun-filled weekend with your furry friends at the “Play Eat Tai Yuen Pawty” event while helping pet charities through recycling

During the “Play Eat Tai Yuen Pawty” event, Tai Yuen Commercial Centre will host a variety of pet-related activities over four consecutive weekends, providing pet owners and their furry companions with fulfilling and enjoyable weekends. Exciting highlights of the event include:

Tai Yuen Treasure Hunt: Participants will take photos at designated locations, share them on social media, and receive pet treats and tenant’s coupons upon completing the tasks.

Love Your Pet Booth Game: Participants will have the chance to win pet supplies and F&B coupons by playing mini games.

Star Pet School: Customers with a designated amount of spending will be eligible to participate in “Dog Behaviour Training” or “Pet Acupressure Massage” workshops conducted by professionals.

“Take Them Home” Pet Adoption Day: This initiative encourages the public to support adoption instead of buying, by finding warm homes for abandoned animals.

Cute Pet Photo Shoot: Customers with a designated amount of spending can have their furry friends photographed in adorable poses by popular photographers.

Additionally, during the event, Tai Yuen Commercial Centre will provide a pet supply recycling box for visitors to donate gently used pet supplies to pet charities, helping abandoned animals get the care they need.

Attention all pet lovers! Enjoy exclusive benefits with purchases and receive adorable animal storage bags and pet goodie bags.

Link Up members who shop at Tai Yuen Commercial Centre and Tai Yuen Market will receive electronic stamps. Upon collecting the required number of electronic stamps, members can earn the e-stamps for a cute animal storage bag. This versatile storage bag is lightweight and practical, and comes with an adorable animal illustration design, making it the perfect storage solution. In addition, drivers who bring their pets to shop at Tai Yuen Commercial Centre can enjoy parking discounts and receive a free pet goodie bag.

Play Eat Tai Yuen Pawty weekend activity details:

Location: Podium, Tai Yuen Commercial Centre




Participation details

Tai Yuen Treasure Hunt

20 – 21 May 2023

12nn – 6pm

Free of charge

Love Your Pet Booth Game

27 – 28 May 2023

12nn – 6pm

Participation with any purchase on that day, regardless of purchase amount

Star Pet School

3 – 4 June 2023

10am- 11:30am

Spend a cumulative amount of $600 to claim one workshop spot

“Take Them Home” Pet Adoption Day

10 – 11 June 2023

12nn – 6pm 

Free of charge

Cute Pet Photo Shoot

10 June 2023

12nn – 5pm

Accumulate total spending of $200 to claim one photography session slot

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details about the event, please visit : https://www.linkhk.com/en/promotion/551

Download photos: https://bit.ly/3MqPhgB

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