Update on My SDA Riverina Pty: Mountain Assets and My SDA Close to Completing NDIS Properties in Wagga Wagga

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SYDNEY, May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mountain Assets, in collaboration with My SDA Riverina Pty, is pleased to announce that the NDIS properties in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, are nearing completion. These properties are designed to offer steady return investment options to private investors while also fulfilling the need for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in the Riverina region.

The high physical support builds cater to the needs of disabled participants, providing purpose-built SDA that accommodates a range of requirements, including those with high physical support needs. With only 13 available accommodations for 137 SASF Approved NDIS Participants in the region, My SDA believes that NDIS participation rates and the demand for specialized disability accommodation will continue to grow. The secure rental income supported by the NDIS scheme makes these properties very attractive, as it also addresses the disability housing shortage in Australia.

Wagga Wagga, a major regional town in New South Wales, serves as an ideal location for these NDIS properties. The developments are situated just minutes outside the Wagga Wagga CBD, near the calming waters of Lake Albert, which offers walking tracks, fitness stations, and water sports activities. This picturesque setting aligns with disability living best practices, providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment for residents.

My SDA Riverina Pty has partnered with Roberson Constructions for the construction of the properties and Friends for Life Disability Services for Supported Independent Living (SIL) services. The project demonstrates the partners’ commitment to addressing the growing accommodation shortage for individuals with disabilities in the area.

It is essential to recognize the social impact of investing in projects like these. Over 28,000 Australians with disabilities require appropriate accommodation, with over 6,000 young Australians currently living in aged care facilities due to a lack of housing options. This number is increasing by 50 young Australians per week.

Mountain Assets organised a site tour on the May 4th, 2023, to showcase the nearly completed properties. The company has future plans to extend its services throughout Wagga Wagga and provide better quality services than were possible in the past. Mountain Assets is currently fundraising for a project in Michigan Drive (Gold Coast, Queensland) with more potential projects lined up in Bentley (Queensland) and Mandurah (Western Australia).

For more information on the NDIS properties in Wagga Wagga, the site tour, or other NDIS projects, contact the team at Mountain Assets on 1800 988 014.

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