Discover the Future of Android POS with SUNMI 3rd-gen products

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CHICAGO, May 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SUNMI has pre-launched its 3rd generation POS terminal at the National Restaurant Association Show 2023 in Chicago, booth 5561. The pre-launch includes three flagship new products: SUNMI V3 MIX, SUNMI T3 PRO, and SUNMI T3 PRO MAX.

SUNMI V3 MIX is an innovative pos terminal with 10″ high-resolution display and a built-in printer make it mobile and desktop two different use type. Light in weight, compact in design and easy to use enable V3 MIX to reduce the time required for cashiering and improve payment efficiency significantly.

As commercial lightweight cash registers becomes a trend, SUNMI MIX series can receive orders, scanning, NFC/SoftPOS, and printing bills, providing SMB customers with a one-stop solution. Furthermore, there are various choices of accessories that can help their daily business, USB customer display, handstrap, shoulder strap wall mount and more.

Taking the laundromat scenario as an example, V3 MIX meets store and PUD (Pick up data) scene requirements in one device, allowing businesses to forego using two separate devices: tablets and printers for in-store payments, and handheld devices for home deliveries.

SUNMI T3 PRO series define the flagship Android desktop standard with its powerful performance. T3 PRO is the first commercial device equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G octa-core chip, up to 2.7GHz, and also with Wi-Fi 6E supported. In addition, with a flip-screen main display and easily detachable customer display, users can freely select different screen combinations in response to various scenarios. The T3 PRO MAX, which includes an 80 high-speed printer, provides users with a highly efficient and fast printing experience, making it easier to handle busy business operations.

SUNMI T3 PRO is the best option for large chain stores that require high-performance, high-quality and outstanding design. And for some high-end restaurants that need to integrate financial SaaS payments, SUNMI T3 PRO is also a good choice.

Additionally, SUNMI has upgraded its operating system SUNMI OS to a new version based on Android 13. This new version optimizes the overall performance for better compatibility, security, smoothness and looking. With SUNMI DMP, customers can manage everything of their devices.

These flagship products will be officially released in the third quarter of 2023, and if you want to learn more about the products, please follow SUNMI’s official website or visit SUNMI’s booth at the National Restaurant Association Show 2023.












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