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SINAGPORE, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bitkub Chain has listed KUB on the global cryptocurrency exchange Coinstore, ranked 39th among all global exchanges, according to the latest update by Coinmarketcap as of May 16, 2023. Coinstore has over 3.2 million users and offers more than 300 digital currencies, including a mandatory, tiered identity verification system to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.

Bitkub Chain aims to establish its network in Southeast Asia this year, with a focus on entering the Indonesian market. To achieve this, Bitkub Chain is prioritizing the development of tools for widespread adoption.

What is Bitkub Coin (KUB)?

Bitkub Coin (KUB) is the native utility coin on Bitkub Chain and is listed on multiple crypto exchanges. It acts as an on-chain gas fee payment and can be converted into fee credits on Bitkub Exchange. KUB can also be locked for a specific period and exchanged for digital assets or services from Bitkub Chain’s partners.

Bitkub Chain Ecosystem

Bitkub Chain aims to democratize access to transparent and efficient technology for businesses, public and private sectors, and end-users. It anticipates the industry’s expansion in consumer goods, tourism, sports, and other sectors to deliver blockchain technology to the masses. Bitkub Chain upgraded and expanded tools to facilitate better platform access and technology, including:

Digital Wallet (Bitkub NEXT)

Bitkub NEXT is a digital wallet by Bitkub Chain for holding and confirming transactions of digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs. It integrates with DApps like the NFT marketplace and allows mobile number registration.

NFT Marketplace (Bitkub NFT)

Bitkub NFT is a secure decentralized platform within Bitkub Chain that offers access to NFTs for artists and enthusiasts. It has about 2.7 million NFTs minted on chain and functions like Gashapon, redemptions, collectibles, and NFT minting capabilities. Bitkub NFT plans to introduce more features in the future.

Bitkub Social DAO

Bitkub Social DAO enables users to engage in transparent voting and activities through voting polls that are recorded on the blockchain network. Users are motivated to participate by utilizing NFTs for voting, which provides them with a chance to obtain exclusive rewards.

GameFi Projects

The Bitkub Chain ecosystem offers users access to a variety of GameFi games that bring them closer to the world of blockchain-based gaming including:

Morning Moon Village is the first GameFi on Bitkub Chain, offering an adventure farming game with 3D graphics and NFT rewards for players. Access the game at morningmoonvillage.com.Dice Kingdom is a blockchain-based GameFi board game that uses dice rolls to determine block events. Players can compete with blockchain-connected friends using real-time chain cards. In-game items are stored on the blockchain, allowing players to truly own digital assets and trade with others.And even more games planned for the future

Bitkub Metaverse

Bitkub Metaverse is a virtual world created by Bitkub Chain and XRB Galaxy PTE., LTD. It offers various activities such as exploring landmarks, buildings, and structures. The platform integrates blockchain and digital assets, enabling transactions like buying NFTs within the platform. In the future, users will be able to purchase land within the metaverse for their own activities. Bitkub Metaverse is part of the “XRB Galaxy,” which is a vast metaverse that utilizes advanced technology to develop multiple planets. Visit https://www.xrbgalaxy.com/ for more information.

Bitkub Chain aims to be the digital infrastructure for Southeast Asia and beyond, democratizing access to transparent and complete ownership of digital assets. Their focus on the Indonesian market is a promising start, and they are creating tools to simplify broad adoption.

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