Gene Technology Light Up the Future – Opening of the International Conference of Genomics on Eye 2023

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SHENYANG, China, Oct. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The International Conference of Genomics on Eye 2023 (the “6th ICG Eye”) embraced its grand opening in Shenyang on 14th-15th October.

The conference, hosted by the Shenyang Municipal People’s Government, organized by the Shenyang Bureau of Science and Technical, Government of Hunnan District, Shenyang and He Eye Specialist Hospital, and co-organized by Eye Genebank, He University and BGI Research, has been successfully convened for the sixth consecutive time. The ICG Eye has been promoting the trans-disciplinary fusion among genomics methodologies, gene therapy, and eye science and biomedicine with an aim to facilitate the application of precise medicine and diagnosis in clinical ophthalmology, while expediting the development of the ophthalmology industry.

On the opening of the ICG Eye, the white paper on the Analysis of High Myopia and the Susceptibility Gene was published; and the eye health databank program, an innovative science and research application program, was launched. The publication of the white paper and the initiation of the eye health databank program established an intelligent platform to manage health throughout the life cycle, enabled customized user lifetime eye health management, and advanced into a new stage where targeted myopia prevention would be driven by big data.

“The International Conference of Genomics on Eye has become a high-profile platform of paramount importance for academic exchange and innovation collaboration in global genomics”, said Dr. He Wei, acting as both the Conference Chair and the Chairman of He Vision Group. He upholds the aspiration that the ICG Eye would continue to play a role in connecting and pooling the diverse global resources from medication, education, industries, research and investment, for the purpose of creating genetech partnership for success and caring for the wellness of people with technological achievements.

The Eye Gene International Forum was held subsequent to the opening. During the two-day forum, experts and scholars from genomics, ophthalmology, biomedicine, biopharmacy, and investment and fundraising communities at home and abroad participated in extensive discussion with focuses on the progress made on the research of genetic eye diseases and gene therapy, clinical trials and applications of gene therapy, gene and big data, the latest achievements on gene test over genetic eye diseases, and the integrated development of digital practice and eye health.


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